Moving House - Choosing a Solicitor

When you’re going through the pressures of moving or selling your home, having a professional and reliable solicitor on hand is essential as they can ease the stress of the move and help it progress more smoothly. It is important to have a solicitor decided upon at the outset as the name of your solicitor will be one of the very first questions an auctioneer will be asking you when you go to put a deposit on a property. There are lots of factors to consider, so take a look below at our top tips.

Ask a Friend

The best recommendations are word of mouth. People will be slow to recommend solicitors they have had trouble with in the past so one of the best ways of finding a suitable solicitor is through a personal recommendation. Ask your friends, family, work colleagues, estate agent or mortgage broker for a recommendation.

Stay Close By

Picking a solicitor that’s close to home make sense. You may have been recommended one 100’s of miles from you, but realistically you will need the flexibility to pop into their offices and chat face to face. You will have documentation to sign with your solicitor to enable the process of buying and selling.

Get Quotes

As with any significant piece of work, it’s essential to get a selection of quotes to choose from. It is important to compare like with like. Services differ from practice to practice and it is essential to find out the extent of the services that they are proposing to deliver. If a firm seems reluctant to discuss their charges, don’t feel bad about looking elsewhere. The worst thing is to not ask and have an unpleasant surprise waiting for you.

Act Quickly

It may seem obvious, but once you’ve found your dream home only put in an offer once you’re sure you have all your finances in place ready to go.


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